Online 2-Day ABA Exam Review for May 2019

Announcing our 2 Day online Exam Review for the May, 2019 exam period!

Dates: Saturday and Sunday May 4 & 5, 2019
Times: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. EDT Each Day

Instructor: Bill Marsh, M.S., BCBA

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Our review sessions cover Task List 4 Content (BACB®) using Orlando Behavior Health’s exam preparation product, including exam strategies, study suggestions, test taking strategies, full study guide for task list 4, 10 PowerPoint slide review sets including Ethics, pre-test, probe quizzes, our updated 150 item Mock Exam, and more. The full set of exam study materials are included with your registration fee. The review is paced to accommodate needs and questions of participants. We have been providing these live reviews for the past 11 years for the exam. These are live, online sessions led by an experienced instructor, which covers content, uses powerpoint slides and practice tests over the two days (each day covers different content) and is facilited by a live presenter which allows for questions from participants in real-time.

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Thank you and best wishes for passing the exam!


ABA Exam Online Individual Tutoring Sessions


Invidual or small group tutoring sessions provided. Group rates available!


Please contact us at Orlandobehaviorhealth@gmail.com for further information or call us at: 860-315-0565


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Please register for online tutoring sessions using the PayPal button below.
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Also: We offer a full 2 and 3 day live Exam Review Workshops including all areas on the 4th Edition Task List.

Please call us if you need personal assistance.Thank you!

Notice: BCBA® is a registered trademark of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board®. The Behavior Analyst Certification Board®, Inc. does not endorse nor sponsor exam prep products or events offered by Orlando Behavior Health Services.

Notes: After the initial session is arranged, it will be the customer’s responsibility to notify OBHS of your availability for future sessions.
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How to Study for the ABA Exam by William Marsh, M.S., BCBA

We are pleased to make available this slide presentation on How to Study for the ABA Certification Exam,
by William Marsh, M.S., BCBA®

This is an 80 page PDF based on a presentation adapted from the original presentation delivered at the 33rd Annual Meeting of the Florida Association of Behavior Analysis, September 2013 held in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Price: only $35.00

Image result for book images
Many resources are available that tells you WHAT to study. This pdf tells you HOW to study. You will learn two different innovative strategies for effective studying and retaining the knowledge for the BCBA exam. Two test taking strategies that unique to BCBA exam skills are presented.

The link below is for a brief automated slide show by Bill on YouTube about this presentation:

click here to access the Youtube slide show

Click on the red arrow once in YouTube to begin this automated slide show.
The full 80 page slide presentation with tips and suggestions on how to pass the ABA Certification exam is available via the PayPal link below.
After you make the purchase, click on the link in the PayPal checkout page back to the vendor site for the link directly to the presentation that you can download from that page. From there, you will go to a landing page with a link that says “click here to begin your download.” Once you click on this, a box will appear asking for the password. Enter the password provided on the prior page and the download will start. The file may appear in the bottom of your browser window.

Thank you,

Michael Weinberg, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Orlando Behavior Health Services, LLC
Tel: 860-315-0565

Notice: BCBA® is a registered trademark of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board®. The Behavior Analyst Certification Board®, Inc. (BACB®) does not endorse nor sponsor exam prep products or events offered by Orlando Behavior Health Services.

Announcing Accelerated Independent Fieldwork Supervision: Four Course Series

Enrollment is now open to students who have begun or completed formal coursework in an Approved course program for Fourth Edition Task List 6 Course Sequence and are looking to meet the experience requirements required by the BACB® to be eligible to sit for the examination. This Accelerated Independent Fieldwork 4 (four) Course Series allows a student to gain all of the required experience requirements in a 12 month period. This Accelerated Independent Fieldwork 4 course sequence will provide the student with the 75 hours of supervision for the 1500 hours which is at a maximum of 30 hours of applied work per week.

Enrollment: Limit is 15 students

Enrollment Opens: January 1-15, 2017

Start Date: January 19, 2017

Length of Course: Each  runs approximately 50 weeks total.

Go to this link to access the information to enroll: Please click here for course details and registration

Supervision Model: Two week cycles: Group supervision one week and individual supervision the second week. Schedule will be posted once enrollment is confirmed. Individual Supervision will vary depending on each individual’s scheduled time with supervisor.

Fieldwork Placement: If student does not currently have a job placement of up to 30 hours then we will work with our provider network to facilitate an internship.

This Accelerated Independent Fieldwork 4 (four) Course Series meets the requirements for:

SUPERVISED INDEPENDENT FIELDWORK: Student works 30 hours per week; supervision occurs at least every 2 weeks for 5% of the total number of hours
This Accelerated Independent Fieldwork 4 (four) Course Series is taken for graduate quarter credit and may be used to qualify for exams for the required 1500 Independent Fieldwork requirement.
This Accelerated Independent Fieldwork 4 (four) Course Series is offered only to students who have begun the coursework required to meet coursework requirements.
This course requires students to engage in activities that focus on learning new behavior analytic skills related to the Fourth Edition Task List and adhere to the dimensions of applied behavior analysis identified by Baer, Wolf, and Risley (JABA, 1968).
This course exposes students to multiple, appropriate clients to whom they are not related.
The number of hours of experience gained in this Accelerated Independent Fieldwork 4 (four) Course Series is 1500 hours
This Accelerated Independent Supervised Fieldwork counts for 1500 hours of experience in the Independent Fieldwork requirement and 75 supervision hours.


OBHS Task List 4 Exam Study Materials: Complete Set; or Pre-Test & Mock Exam Only; Renew License

OBHS offers our full set of Exam Prep Materials:

This is an ABA Certification Exam Preparation product based upon Task List 4 plus more content!

The full exam study set contains over 400 pages of content include Pre-test, 14 practice tests (probes), 150 item mock exam, full answer key sets, test taking tips and strategies for selecting the “best” answer, mnemonics, 10 slide sets including an extensive review of ethics, as well reviews of content for task list 4, 135 page study guide for task list 4 including an ethics review, plus more content. This is an extensive review with coordination of probes with slide sets, as well as linkage to task list 4.

We also offer the Pre-Test and 150 item Mock Exam only (with all answer keys as we provide for the full set). Keep calm and study hard


Please Note: Once we receive the purchase confirmation from PayPal, the password to access the materials is sent via email on receipt confirmation. This is not an automated system. We will send the access information usually the same day, otherwise next day at the latest.

Please note that your access will expire after the subsequent exam period and after that there is a small license renewal fee to access the new password (see the PayPal button below). This cost is only $25.00.

If you have any questions please contact us at: orlandobehaviorhealth@gmail.com (same email address we use to send you the download link and password).

Tel.: 860-315-0565

Please refer to other listings on this page for Live Exam Review class dates and individual Tutoring Sessions, as well as online registration.
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1. Full Exam Study Package:
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Price: $115.00 for the full set.

Exam Prep Materials: Full Set

2. PRE-TEST & 150 item MOCK EXAM with answer keys:

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Price : only $40.00

Pre-Test & Mock Exam only


To renew your license to access the full exam study packet through the next exam administration period, please use this option if you had previously purchased the full product or registered for a prior review workshop.
Price: $25.00


Thank you!

Michael Weinberg, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Orlando Behavior Health Services, LLC

Important notes: We will email the login and password to you soon after we receive payment confirmation from PayPal.  So please be sure to enter an active email address when you make your purchase so you can receive the access information.  It may take a few hours to send this to you.  Also, check your spam folder if you do not receive it by the next day.  If you have difficulty opening any of these files there may be different reasons for this. Please email: orlandobehaviorhealth@gmail.com and I will send a direct email with the files attached. The current password will expire after the closest upcoming ABA exam period.  Renewing your purchase can be done after that time at a very low renewal fee.

These files (with the exception of Task List 4, and Professional and Ethical Compliance Code) are copy protected by Orlando Behavior Health Services, LLC, and have been developed by OBHS, LLC who owns the content, and the files or any content may not be redistributed or re-sold or downloaded for other than individual use without express permission from Orlando Behavior Health Services. Those who have purchased access to these files can download and save these files for individual use to study for the exam following purchase from OBHS, LLC via the PayPal link on our website, or via directly mailing payment to us at the address listed in the “Contact Us” page.

Email or call us if you have any questions at orlandobehaviorhealth@gmail.com or call us at 860-315-0565.

Best wishes for passing the ABA exam!

Orlando Behavior Health Services, LLC

Notice: BCBA® is a registered trademark of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board®. The Behavior Analyst Certification Board®, Inc. (BACB®) does not endorse nor sponsor exam prep products or events offered by Orlando Behavior Health Services.

All exam study materials including tests are copyright of Orlando Behavior Health Services, LLC and may not be distributed, re-sold, or otherwise shared without express permission of the owner of OBHS, LLC.


Dr. Weinberg provides consultation and mentoring services and supports to those just beginning careers as behavior analysts, or are starting or have their own behavior analysis practice organizations.  Consultation regarding best practices and setting up a practice organization are provided.

The fees for online consultation are listed in the PayPal dropdown link below. A single hour consult is only $75.00 with lower price points per hour for multiple consulting hours. Please select from the hourly options using Paypal. You will get a discount for purchasing more hours as indicated in the dropdown menu:

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Contact Dr. Weinberg by email: orlandobehaviorhealth@gmail.com to arrange your online consultation,
or call at 860-315-0565.

Supervisor Training Workshop for (Meets Training Requirements for the New Supervisor Qualification Requirements)

Orlando Behavior Health Services in conjunction with ABA Interact, provide supervision services. Please see our website: www.ABAInteract.com for additional information regarding supervision for Certificant candidates and other supervision options. To register online via Paypal for Supervision hours using the Independent Fieldwork option, select the payment options using paypal.

Contact us at orlandobehaviorhealth@gmail.com to arrange supervision and to inquire about upcoming supervisor training workshops to meet the training hour requirements.

Find us on Facebook

 Please register by making your payment using the

Paypal option below. Click on the link to go to the Paypal checkout page and use your credit or debit card.  Thank you.

Note: no current workshops are scheduled at this time.You can register for this workshop using the Paypal link below. The fee is only $125.00 for the full 8 hour workshop. You will receive a supervision CE certificate for the 8 hours documenting the purpose of this training.

 Please call for details: 860-315-0565

Note: All sales final. Any refunds are subject to a 3% processing and administrative fees as applicable.

Supervised Experience Hours

Independent Fieldwork Supervision for Certification Candidates:

OBHS provides supervision for candidates seeking certification via the Independent Fieldwork option, which requires 75 hours of supervision for the posted requirements and 1500 hours of applied experience hours, utilizing principles of behavior.


Image result for mentoring photos

The rates are listed in the dropdown menu in the PayPal link below.

The minimum time frame is 50 weeks or 11.5 months.
Please call for details: 860-315-0565 or email us at orlandobehaviorhealth@gmail.com for further information.

To Register or make a payment for supervision online, please use the PayPal options below.

Please use the drop-down menu to see different payment options for Independent Fieldwork.

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Note: All sales final. Any refunds are subject to a 3% processing and administrative fees after 30 days from purchase. Please be aware that Independent Fieldwork Supervision is for the express purpose of providing supervision for experience hours leading toward certification  (upon applying for and passing the board’s examination). If your state requires licensure to practice as a behavior analyst, you are responsible for knowing the requirements and applicable laws in your state. We do not claim nor guarantee that supervision provided by OBHS, LLC will result in or make you eligible for licensure as a Behavior Analyst in any state. Neither OBHS, LLC nor its associates will be held responsible in the event these supervision hours do not result in your eligibility for licensure as a behavior analyst in your home state or other state in which you intend to practice as a behavior analyst.


Notice: BCBA® is a registered trademark of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board®. The Behavior Analyst Certification Board®, Inc. (BACB®) does not endorse nor sponsor events or trainings offered by Orlando Behavior Health Services.

OBHS is not authorized to offer  Intensive Practicum or Practicum courses.  You must enroll in such a course with a university that is approved to offer the course, and which provides university course credit.

Conference and Workshop Support Services

OBHS offers a range of support services to assist you in planning your training event, including venue arrangements, set up, registration, equipment arrangements, and Continuing Education Credits for most professional audiences including Certified Behavior Analysts, Psychologists, Mental Health Therapists, Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors, and Marriage and Family Therapists, among others. Online Continuing Education co-sponsoring for your online training courses is also available via OBHS. Please click the Contact Us link above and call or email us for details or to arrange an appointment to discuss your organization’s events and Continuing Education needs.

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