Molecular Functional Analysis Live Online Webinar   

CE Instrutor: Bill Marsh, M.S., BCBA

Date: Please check back for upcoming webinar dates

Time Frame:  3 Hours 

Hours: 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. EDT


PowerPoint Slides included in price.

This is a New and Innovative Approach to Behavioral Functional Analysis in Applied Settings

MFA is an alternate, novel approach to conducting a functional behavior assessment in applied settings. It uses the behavior analytic procedure and principles of descriptive assessments and/or systematic manipulations but employs innovative techniques that have many advantages, especially in applied settings, that enable practitioners to quickly and efficiently assess behavior.

This webinar can change your whole approach to behavior assessment!

Orlando Behavior Health offers a 3 hour live, interactive webinar, on this new approach to conducting a functional analysis. It is based on a systematic manipulation to quickly identify the function, and is empirically validated, so you can proceed quickly and efficiently to effective behavior intervention.

Our presentation:

  1. outlines the basic principles of behavior assessment
  2. introduces MFA principles and terminology
  3. teaches the basic steps of the MFA process
  4. describes more advanced topics of using MFA during assessment and intervention selection
  5. provides worksheet and data collection tools to use during MFA procedures
  6. is also available for continuing education credits for BCBA®s/BCaBA®s


      Email us at orlandobehaviorhealth@gmail.com for more information about this webinar and MFA!

Course Objectives


Participants will learn:


1. The basic purposes and types of functional behavior assessment

2. MFA (Molecular Functional Assessment & Analysis) principles and terminology

3. To apply basic steps of the MFA process

4. To use the accompanying tools and forms

5. How to select and apply the most relevant procedure to conduct an MFA

6. How to plot and interpret data from an MFA  .

Three (3) Type 2 CE credits will be awarded to attendees who have registered via PayPal, have documentation of participation for the 3 hours, and complete a course evaluation form. 


Instructions for obtaning CE Credit for this Webinar:


Participants will need to register using the PayPal link below, and sign in and out and attend the entire 3 hours, sign and date the verification form and also complete a course evaluation form and submit to us, using the email address below, and agree to disclosure of personal information as may be requested by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board®, to obtain CE credit.



Orlando Behavior Health, LLC is a BACB® Approved Type 2 CE provider for behavior analysts